Introduction FOR 2013 YEAR 13

This page gives an overview of the course for Year 13 History at Mt Albert Grammar School.

Overview of Race Relations
An overview of the course

Learning activities
Three questions are posed. Students are asked to discuss answers with a neighbour.

I have to say I like the clock partners because it gives a chance to get up and move around, gives a variety of partner and some accountability - you tend to be looser with friends and less accountable.

2. Two concentric circles. Inner facing outer. Outer facing inner.. There can be 5 questions with time for each to answer and then the pairs discuss.
The circle can move one step to the right or left if you want variation. Can be done in a line as well.

3. Concept circles - work well if the words are selected carefully. A concept is a big idea that generates lots of examples so government might lead to 'authority', 'chieftainship' or even 'kawanatanga'

4. Give one Get one After an activity that reviews, summarises, thinks or predicts you will have the opportunity to share what you write with a clock partner.

SOLO Taxonomy

Oh, let em stay for a while. What possible harm can they do?