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Search Engines

Recommendations - Only the Best!

To make your searching more successful use the Advanced Search options of your chosen Search Engine.

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Google Our top choice for web searching. Becomes a NZ search engine when you click the "pages from New Zealand" button. Most still like this search engine but increasingly the first few pages have been bought by clever programmers. Often better quality results gained from meta-search engines.
Google Images The best image search engine for the web.
Google Suggest Worth a try! Suggests other key words as you type.
Yippy "A new way to search the web" - the clustering search engine. Clusty queries several top search engines, combines the results, and shows these as clusters. Previously called Vivisimo.
Quintura A Visual search engine. Your search is shown as links and a "cloud tag", which can help you narrow your search to exactly what you want. Take the "Tour" shown on the site homepage.
Yahoo One of the first and still very strong.
Ask Search with keywords or questions to deliver "fast and relevant information". Search results can be further narrowed or expanded.
AllTheWeb The focus is on web searching, but news, pictures, video, & Audio searches are also offered.

Metasearch Engines

These search with several search engines.

Dogpile Searches "all the best search engines, all rolled into one, including Google, Yahoo! and Ask".
Yippy Not only lists organised responses from major search engines, but also automatically organize the pages into categories.
Kartoo If you like the idea of seeing your web results visually, this meta-search site is for you.
Mamma "The mother of all search engines", Mamma simultaneously searches a variety of engines, directories, and deep content sites.
Metacrawler Returns "the best results" from Google, Yahoo!, MSN, Ask, About, LookSmart.
Sortfix This gives you power words that help you to refine your searches

Subject Directories

Links and information selected by specialists and experts in their fields.

Yahoo Directory A list of web sites that have been reviewed and approved by a human editor. The oldest, and still a good one.
Librarians' Index to the Internet An excellent directory of web sites reviewed and evaluated by professionals. Well worth a look.
Infomine A virtual library of scholarly Internet resources, librarian-built from the University of California. A powerful network of 475 Guides, "experts in their field" provide quality information through this directory.
Internet Public Library Library services to Internet users provided by the University of Michigan School of Information.
Subject Finder Designed to search only educational websites which contain tutorials, learning and teaching materials.

Other Search Tools Project Gutenburg is a site devoted to digitising textbooks. Their use is free of copyright.
Infopeople - Best Search Tools Page Search form with the best search tools on one page. You may like to Bookmark this page for easy and efficient searching.
Infopeople - Best Search Tools Chart Chart of "the best features of the best search tools."
Ready Reference Collection Excellent, annotated collection, from the Internet Public Library. Links to a multitude of ready reference sites, including encyclopedias, headline news and more. USA-based, but comprehensive.
Information Literacy: Search Strategies Choose the Best Search for Your Information Need - From NoodleTools.

These encyclopaedias are very useful:
Biographical Dictionary
CIA – The World Factbook 2001
E-Conflict World Enclopedia
Encarta Encyclopedia
Fact Monster (Columbia Encyclopedia)


Portal sites save you time and energy because they are sites that have already done a lot of the work for you and have a search function as well as organising categories to help you out in your research.

Sparticus History Websites This is the best site to get you started with some authority. Intuitive

Modern History Source Book Very useful for primary resources

TIME Magazine's archive TIME have digitised their magazines back to 1923 which is very useful. Although an American view, it is very useful if you use a bit of caution and cross reference with other sources.

BBC History The charter of the BBC gives a hugely supportive boost to all things historical.

Eyewitness to History Excellent site that has commentary from participants in events as they happened.

I Love HistoryExcellent for podcasts

School History UK links The SchoolHistory links provides 100 reviewed historical sites. The sites are selected by year, GSCE, and A levels and then by topic. Each site has a brief description of the content of the online resource

New York Public Library digital gallery The New York Public Library Digital Gallery site provides access to over 363,000 images digitized from primary sources and prints from the collections of The New York Public Library, including manuscripts, historical maps, posters and photographs. Each image is presented with a full description and the collection details. An easy to use search engine is provided. PBS Teacher Source is an educational web site for educators and students from Year l to 12 The site uses PBS’s programming to help teachers learn effective ways to incorporate video and Web resources in the classroom Project Gutenberg is a project to shre digitised books online.

Austrlian History


Prohibition Links to other sites that deal with Prohibition

Imperial War Museum online collection
The Imperial War Museum has an unparalleled collection covering all aspects of twentieth and twenty-first century conflict involving Britain and the Commonwealth.
Forum Debates
Second World War Discussions
Second World War: Questions for Historians
Interviews with Historians
Philosophy of History
History Debates
Controversial Issues in History
Who won the Second World War?
Second World War Websites
War and Conflict: World War II
The Home Front
History Place: World War II
Second World War Books
HyperWar: Second World War
Codes and Ciphers
Second World War Experience
World War II Commemoration