Overview of Race Relations
The first part of the course has looked at the two different cultures (Maori and Pakeha) in a more abstract way. We have looked at the various ways that the cultures are different ie Social Structure, Politics, law and attitudes towards land.

Once various groups start coming to NZ, the differences became highlighted but keep in mind that there is also a huge commonality of interest between the two groups.

This was the point that I was making about sex, drugs and music - universal communication methods

This is the book that we are using this year. It is the yellow book given out in class. One file is a Word doc, the other is a pdf.

I want this year to focus on thinking and students taking responsibility for their own learning.

The link below is to the Ministry of Culture and site called "NZ History classroom"
The NZ CLassroom MCH

· We have looked at contrasts between Maori and European (British) ways of living at around 1800.
· The indicators that we have use were e.g. Social Structure, politics, values, land and law
· Looking at the texts, we need to find a way to process content without using the teachers summarised notes

Key questions WWWWWH
Key words
are all helpful for us to de-code the text

Techniques for notemaking are on this page C2 Notemaking strategies

Explorers MCH Early European explorers

The Boyd Incident
This is a mindmap done by a student in 2010
Darius Hedayati 2010

You have been asked to make notes on the Sealers and Whalers using WWWWW+H

The headings that we need to focus on are:

Sealers Sealers and Whalers

Whalers Sealers and Whalers The whalers

Traders Trade from Te ara Trade


1. We made our own notes from Owens identifying two facts and a question
2. We made notes based on Owens plus the Yellow book
3. We used the section from Belich 'Guns and Bibles' to make a structured overview of Missionaries impact.
4. Sorting and categorising activity based on handout
5. The paragraph and the feedback through the exemplar

Comment: The five strategies are examples of an overlay technique using various sources. Each layer adds value to the previous layer.

Musket Wars Musket Wars interactive

Impact by 1830

The book on the 1830s is here. It follows a chronological sequence but we will use the essay at the back to re-categorise for a situation essay

The quick links are as follows
  • The Elizabeth Affair
  • The Petition
  • Busby's appointment
  • The Flag of the independent tribes
  • The Declaration of Independence The Declaration of Independence - sources
  • The Catholics arrive 1838\
  • Wakefield and the New Zealand Company
  • Hobson's instructions

This chapter needs to be downloaded and placed in a folder

With this file. You will find the one document hyperlinks to the other document