This wikispace is designed to support you in your study of the Year 13 History course. It is accessible from anywhere and viewable from anywhere by accessing

If you wish to add material yourself, you can do so on any page by simply clicking on 'edit'. If you wish to upload documents, you will have to register and then sign in every time you go to the site. Alternatively you can set your computer to automatically 'sign in' for you.

You can add documents, PPTs, Excel spreadsheets, web links, images, videos if under 20mb etc

Notice that it is divided into separate pages that reflect the learning throughout the year eg Early Contact is the first part and because we move to the first internal assessment, we have put a lot of support for the briefs on to the pages on the MENU.

This year I am really concentrating on getting you to do more:
especially about making connections.

The big question is how does New Zealand connect to the rest of the world?

I will try to log my thinking here so that I am transparent in what I am doing.

The 1B4s are used to check how well I am getting my class to think, to understand to predict and to recall. It isa check of your understanding and of me teaching but has the bonus of being a way that i can talk to you and you to me.